Cell Tower Objection Letter Template

Please copy and Paste into an email adding your name, contact and any other info you wish to add. Email to mark.innes@rci.rogers.com, and Erica.peacock@edmonton.ca

Septmber 12, 2015



Contact Info


Attention: Mark Innes

Re: Objection of Cell Tower in Summerlea

Legal Land Description, Plan 8322082, Block 29, Lot 7


Dear Sir:

Please note, as a resident of Summerlea, I am against the development/construction of a cell phone tower In Summerlea for the following reasons:

  1. I am concerned about the long term, Environmental/Health concerns a cell tower could have on the residents of Summerlea. I am sure you are aware of the numerous studies, citing environmental/health dangers from cell towers. Has Rodgers done an Environmental/Health impact study concerning the building of a cell tower, specifically for Summerlea residents?


  1. What effect will a cell tower have on property values in Summerlea? Has Rogers done any research on the effect a Cell tower will have on property values in Summerlea?


  1. Should a cell tower be built so close to a residential area? Is this the best location for a cell tower in Summerlea? Why can’t Rodgers place the cell phone tower on top of the Hotel at West Edmonton Mall? Wouldn’t this location create a better signal for Rodgers customers? (…and it is owned by the same stakeholders… and they do not lose the revenue from the cell tower?) Wouldn’t this be a win/win situation?


  1. Why was I not notified of the possible construction of a cell tower close to my property?

I am sure that until these issues are addressed/answered….no cell tower will be constructed in Summerlea.



President’s Message May 2015

Hello Summerlea, A note to recognize the work of the Executive Members for their time and efforts! Thank-you to…..

Ralph Tuominen-Vice President

Tamara Vorotilenko-Treasurer

Steve Romaniuk-Casino Coordinator

Emily Durrschnabel-Secretary

Marnie Pellett-Events Coordinator

Thanks also to our Members at Large who have supported the work of the Executive…..Terry Howlett, Ronnie Morin and Grant Faulkenburg.

This year we have two long standing members stepping down from their position(s). Steve has led the league’s 3 very successful casinos, raising over $234k for Summerlea! These funds have built the new playground and continue to support community improvements. Steve has applied for the next casino, and willing to guide anyone who will take on the position. Thank-you so much Steve for your commitment and dedication to Summerlea!

Marnie has moved out of the neighbourhood and we thank her for her work on events for the past 4 years. Other positions available include Newsletter, Sign and Website Coordinator.

Please plan to attend the upcoming Annual General Meeting on May 21st. Please consider

volunteering, the commitment is minimal, and there is such benefit to our neighbourhood.


Christine Belter -Summerlea President

President’s Message – March 2015

President’s Message….

Hello Summerlea! A note to update you on the League’s 2015 Initiatives. First, a big thank-you to all our casino volunteers and a special thank-you to Steve Romaniuk for all his hard work coordinating the casino for Summerlea. The casino raised almost $80 000! These funds will be used for neighbourhood beautification projects such as painting the sound barrier perimeter fence and updating signage. Please plan to attend our Annual AGM in May to learn more. Details to follow.

We have been redeveloping our website but are in desperate need of some neighbourhood photos! If you have some photos you would be willing to share, please email us at summerleacommunity@gmail.com. Check out the website at www.summerlea.org.

This year we will be running two big bin events (one in early June, and one in September). Other intiatives include our ongoing community league swim program Sundays 4-6pm at Jasper Place Pool.

The Executive continues to liase with the City of Edmonton regarding the development of the school surplus site. To date, the City still promses to explore the building site location within Summerlea as one of many aspects to be discussed through the community engagement process. This process will begin later this year with Keheewin and Ogilvie Ridge sites, we have no word on when the process will start for Summerlea. We need to continue to lobby the City and our Councillor to ensure that this development compliments our neighbourhood. Please plan to attend the Town Hall Meeting with Councillor Knack. Let’s be heard Summerlea


Christine Belter

Town Hall Meeting – Tuesday, March 24th

Please plan to attend, and help be a loud voice for Summerlea’s position on the school surplus site development, and other community concerns. Details below. 

Town Hall meeting with Ward 1 Councillor Andrew Knack

When: Tuesday, March 24, 6:30-9:00pm – doors open at 6:00pm

Location: West Meadows Baptist Church, 9333 199 Street, Edmonton

Everyone is welcome to attend this Town Hall meeting where Councillor Knack will provide updates on current issues in Ward 1. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions of the Councillor and bring up concerns in your communities.

For more information: andrew.knack@edmonton.ca or phone 780-496-8122

Public Information Session – Summerlea Storm Sewer Upgrades Tuesday, March 3

The City of Edmonton Drainage Services is hosting a Public Consultation/Information Session for the Summerlea Storm Sewer System Upgrades. Construction will start late summer of 2015 and is expected to be completed by late fall 2015.  All community residents are invited to a Public Information Session where the project team will be available to discuss this work.  Session details below.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


St. Benedict’s Catholic School

18015-93 Avenue

For more information please contact:

Michael Kan – Project Manager, Drainage Services, City of Edmonton

780-496-5548; Michael.kan@Edmonton.ca