Cell Tower Objection Letter Template

Please copy and Paste into an email adding your name, contact and any other info you wish to add. Email to mark.innes@rci.rogers.com, and Erica.peacock@edmonton.ca

Septmber 12, 2015



Contact Info


Attention: Mark Innes

Re: Objection of Cell Tower in Summerlea

Legal Land Description, Plan 8322082, Block 29, Lot 7


Dear Sir:

Please note, as a resident of Summerlea, I am against the development/construction of a cell phone tower In Summerlea for the following reasons:

  1. I am concerned about the long term, Environmental/Health concerns a cell tower could have on the residents of Summerlea. I am sure you are aware of the numerous studies, citing environmental/health dangers from cell towers. Has Rodgers done an Environmental/Health impact study concerning the building of a cell tower, specifically for Summerlea residents?


  1. What effect will a cell tower have on property values in Summerlea? Has Rogers done any research on the effect a Cell tower will have on property values in Summerlea?


  1. Should a cell tower be built so close to a residential area? Is this the best location for a cell tower in Summerlea? Why can’t Rodgers place the cell phone tower on top of the Hotel at West Edmonton Mall? Wouldn’t this location create a better signal for Rodgers customers? (…and it is owned by the same stakeholders… and they do not lose the revenue from the cell tower?) Wouldn’t this be a win/win situation?


  1. Why was I not notified of the possible construction of a cell tower close to my property?

I am sure that until these issues are addressed/answered….no cell tower will be constructed in Summerlea.



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