You can purchase a membership online at the Edmonton Federation of Community League or by sending an email to

Membership Benefits

  • Free Community League Swim and Games Room Time at Jamie Platz YMCA
  • Free Indoor and Outdoor Skating
  • Special community events such as Picnic in the Park and Big Bin Event
  • Sponsors community programs such as The Summer Greenshack Program
  • Reduction in Fees to some organized recreational and sports program
  • Children’s Fitness Tax Credit associated with children’s program registrations
  • Community League Wellness Program offers a 10% discount to annual passes purchased for City of Edmonton Community Recreation and Leisure Centres
  • Supporting the community and creating a sense of belonging and ownership in Summerlea!

Executive Members

  • Christine Belter, President
  • Ralph Tuominen, Vice President, Neighborhood Watch, Events
  • Tamara Vorotilenko, Treasurer
  • Terry Howlett, Secretary, Neighborhood Watch, Events
  • Katherine Baranov, Casino Chairperson
  • JoAnne Burek, Communications and Newsletter
  • Rusk Redmond, Civics/Government Relations
  • Lee Stickles, Sports Coordinator
  • Grant Faulkenburg, Member at Large
  • Vacant, Memberships