Steve Romaniuk Summerlea Community League
Mr. Steve Romaniuk, Casino Chair and long time community volunteer, is fondly remembered

Summerlea: Our Community

Summerlea is located between 170th Street and 178 Street and between 95th Avenue and 87th Avenue in Edmonton’s North West quadrant.

Named for a summertime meadow, Summerlea appropriately has a large park around which the residential streets are oriented.

Development of the neighborhood began in the 1970s. The residential component of the neighbourhood was originally intended to be comparable to adjacent neighbourhoods in size, shape, form, and density. Over the years, however, Summerlea’s development has been heavily influenced by the presence of West Edmonton Mall, one of Edmonton’s major attractions.

Residential Mix

The existing residential area is a mix of single-detached and multi-family residences. Most homes were built in the late 1970s and into the 1980s. Construction of a small number of new residential units has been fairly constant, however, and has continued into the 2000s.

Single- and semi-detached homes account for less than 40 percent of all residential units in the neighbourhood. Low-rise apartments account for the majority of housing units.

Amenities and Services

Our close proximity to West Edmonton Mall along the south edge provides Summerlea residents and tourists alike with an excellent variety of shopping, entertainment, restaurants, and services. The Westgate shopping district at the northwest corner of 170th Street and 90th Avenue provides even more amenities.